The Bottom Line: Apple vs Android Debate

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Sapan Verma (@sapanv) and Sahil Shah (@sahilbulla) debate about the biggest issue plaguing the world right now – Which is better, Apple or Android. Sorabh Pant (@hankypanty) tries to moderate them with an unbiased opinion.

Do write to us and tell us what other issues we should debate about.

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  1. can you explain why we need a phone ?
    1. to communicate …
    2. to browse
    to get more communication options it is obviously better to use open platform like android
    to flaunt is foolish… ( you are just foolish to purchase something which is terribly costly thereby making apple rich)
    android are much exposed to virus malware etc but instead the users becomes much intelligent and adaptive to that environment apple is a stagnant platform .
    regarding prostitution and STD infection i would like to remind you the apple users are permanently impaled by apple (thick di…k)
    android users can root their handsets but i do nt think i phone is root able
    and apple is much controlled by america centeric then android
    lastly please explain why communication stagnancy (compatibility issues ) bluetooth wifi nfc software exchange format exchange etc of apple ,can be ruled out above android( remember phone is a communication tool )

  2. android is better in customization and stuffs but iOS is more dependable and does not lag, switched-off automatically and stuffs like android do…its expensive for a reason though..a normal cheap shirt and a branded shirt which will last longer? the expensive one..isn't it?
    * Sent from Nokia 1100 *

  3. hands down dude…. apple rocks and thats the bottom line… and…
    Android: can be customize..
    Apple: it's not a subway sandwich..
    Indeed the best line ????

  4. I mean, I know this video is staged, but this is hilarious. On another note I think they have successfully shown us how debates are done in India. Rather than sticking to the point, everyone starts attacking each other personally.
    Great job guys.