The Complete Xamarin Developer Course: iOS And Android on Udemy – Official

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A professional software developer and teacher since the 1980’s with now over 300,000 students and 60,000 reviews for various programming courses, Tim Buchalka’s goal is to train 1,000,000 people as software developers in the next 3 years and he has created the Learn Programming Academy last year and partnered with other instructors who share the same commitment to excellence and who do have extensive programming experience to help people just like you become professional software developers. Among these experts is your instructor for this course, Eduardo Rosas, a Software Engineer who’s been building mobile apps for over 6 years and an official Xamarin Certified Software Developer. He now wants to share his knowledge and best practices by putting together this outstanding course where you’d learn how to build from scratch Android and iOS mobile apps with Xamarin. Covering from the basics of what Xamarin is, why you’d want to use it, installation in both Windows and Mac platforms, right through the in depth discussion of the necessary concepts needed by developers, you’ll come away at the end of the course with sufficient knowledge that would allow you to build your own Xamarin apps for Android and/or iOS. Though the ideal student is someone someone who’s got a little bit of programming experience or training perferrably in C#, beginners and more experienced developers will also get a lot out of this course. All you need to enroll in this course is an access to a computer. If you’re ready to put your career on the fast track to success and open up more career opportunities, today is the day to get started on this course. Feel free to look through the course description on this page for more details and we look forward to seeing you on the inside.



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