The coolest 25+ Samsung Galaxy Note 3 tips and tricks

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As we’re already used to from the S4 smartphone, the new Samsung Galaxy Note 3 smartphone packs a bunch of hidden tips and tricks, and a lot of advertised features that add up on top of the Android interface you’re used to.

From one handed operation mode to multi window view there are air gestures, air command pen enabled features, motion controls and a lot of things that make the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 the most feature righ Android smartphone of the moment. Watch our Top 25+ Samsung Galaxy Note 3 tips and tricks video and let us know in the comments below if you have found any hidden feature we’ve not covered here.

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  1. Wow how can iphone top this all I ever see on iPhone commercials is they changed the colors nothing special NO TRICKS or features I have a S4 but I am sold I'm buying the note 3

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  3. i wouldn't know about previous phones (Samsung Galaxies and the like)…i made the switch from iPhone to this phone…and all i have to say is, just the feature of this phone's existence is amazing enough for me lol!…the video helped me out a lot though, thanks!

  4. Nice video 🙂 subscribed tot yuor channel.

    Note 3 also takes a screenshot the same way that note1 did.
    While holding the pen button down place the tip of the pen on the screen and keep it still for about a second

  5. im a crew in a cruise ship and they selling phones every embarkation and I bought a note 3 for $640. its a bit expensive and i should be regreting buying this… but im not.
    i have the best phone in the world today….

    by the way…. most of the crew choose galaxy phones and some choose i phone… at least 1…

  6. For those who are on the fence about getting an iPhone or a Galaxy Note 3, go with the Note 3. I was an iPhone user for many years and I couldn't be happier making the switch to the Note 3.

  7. just curious but every single video i see on any cellphone, they always have a hindu talking why is that? do they know the most about phones or something?