The easy way to switch from an iPhone to the Samsung Galaxy (CNET How To)

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Transfer all your photos, text messages, music and contacts from your old Apple phone to your new Samsung device using the Samsung Smart Switch app.

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  1. I hate it but Samsung always advertise a specific feature that they will not implement on the launch day. Vulkan API on the s7, for instance, was not released till months later. Now it's Bixby. I know for a fact that I won't be using it much, but the fact that they advertise Bixby being on the phone at launch is kinda sad.

  2. I love how people bash the galaxy OS when that very same software allows you to tweak your animations, layout, gestures, etcetc rather just the wallpaper and reducing animations. 😏

  3. Switch from a safe, fast mobile platform to a volatile unsafe one…
    Choose the Bixby button that doesn't understand English yet.. or hold the home button for the Google version of Siri