The First Real Sony Xperia Z5 Teardown + Screen Replacement Tutorial

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We show you what a real world Sony Xperia Z5 disassembly looks like. This is a real broken phone with a visibly smashed screen, has never been taken apart before and is not a highlight film in fast forward!

While in our case we are repairing a smashed screen this tutorial could be used for many purposes including rear glass replacement, battery replacement, camera replacement, and much more.

Sadly your Xperia Z5 will not be waterproof anymore after this repair.

For professional Xperia Repairs visit

You will need the following :-

If you are doing a Xperia Z5 screen repair you will need a new screen with an adhesive kit.

1) a hot air station or heat gun
2) a plastic guitar pick
3) a Jewellers Philips screwdriver kit
4) a iSesame Opening Tool or equivalent

You can use suction caps if you like

For our assembly video and to see us install a new screen visit

Disclaimer: Opening any electronic device will void your warranty, may damage your device, and may cause harm to yourself. We are not liable for any damages.


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  1. you seem to know pretty detailed which flex is for which function.
    i have replaced my lcd module in my z5, it starts and works proper, but the touch functionality is still not working. do you know which cable or part of the phone is responsibel for the touch ?

  2. I thank you for the best tutorial out there. I finally got this thing working after being turned down by multiple repair shops. One question though: My battery life is noticeably reduced, this phone is renowned for its long life now I'm lucky to get a day out it, did I improperly reconnect it?

  3. bro,my sony z5dual has fallen down my touch is not working display is working can i keep just touch screen or i want to keep both display and touch screen.

  4. hi, does the touch on display works at your z5 while the screen was fragmented?
    crashed mine a few days ago and the touch does not work on the display. so im thinking about if it will work when i replace the whole screen. thanks for reply

  5. Hey people.
    Have a sony z5 screen replacement.
    Tested new screen and it was working fine.
    So I reassembled the phone.
    Tested the screen after glue.
    So continued. At last Part after i pushed the Loudspeaker in the screen only had White colour.
    Thought maybe some contact are not ok.
    Took speaker out. And it worked again.
    So pushed it back in. Again not working right.
    I have then Took the sticker from oldu screen on the connector of New screen but now with or without speaker the screen stays white no Image.
    Can you please help ?

  6. Thanks man , this solved my problems for less than hour. Video is with very good quality and comments. Keep on the good job 🙂

  7. amazing guide, thank you for the information….can you please upload a video for Sony Xperia m4 aqua (Screen Replacement )…..i just broke mine (so fragile)