The first thing you should do with a new Android? Device Manager Review!

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In helping my Mom set up her first smartphone, it got me thinking about how I set up my own Android devices. The first thing I recommended she check out? Android Device Manager to help her in case her phone is ever lost or stolen.

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  1. I LOVE using device manager but Google doesn't really even advertise it anywhere. Its a shame because not that many people know about it. I know T-mobile gives Lookout premium for free if you are on the JUMP! plan but I never use that.

    One app I MUST have is "MightyText" to be able to text from a PC or tablet right to my phone is amazing and it has so many features. (but the permissions are out of this world.) I know alot of people uses data for messagers but most of my friends or family don't have unlimited data so we still use text messages. this app can send pictures to your phone, tell you information of your phone such as battery, Send YouTube link to open directly on your phone, make calls on your phone, and etc. I love it though.  

  2. The 3 apps I use to protect my phone are Gotya!, phone tracker, and life360! My wife and I use Life360 to track each other during night commutes and trips to the bank. Also we use Gotya! To protect our phones from theft. Gotya! Will use the front facing camera without anybody knowing, to take pics of thoughs trying to gain entry. The app will then email you a pic and gps location. This app is awesome, just download and check it out!!

  3. The first thing that i do with any phone or even device is go through the settings, all of them and play around until i have a feel for the phone and i understand the functions of it. it can also be great help when something goes wrong with your phone to look through the settings. my dad had a new update for a windows phone that locked the screen rotation in one direction that he didn't like after 1 min of getting my hands on it and looking through the settings i had sorted the problem. so yeah that my recommendation look through the settings!!!

  4. Ok now my phone was lost. And i am using this account logged in to the lost Sony D5503. My phone was turned off by the thief and Android device manager couldn't detect the location. Can you please help me find my phone while its turned off?

  5. hey man i tried to lock my device to see of it works and it did work and now i cant go back to my swipe and unlock screen. i gotta put the pin code used to lock my device from android device manager.

  6. As of now I have device manager on my phone and the screen did find my phone … on my phone but what goods that doing me > I still cant find it while log online via my home computer ! This is so frustrating ! How about some help please. With what you see in this video I made I did put Device Manager on my phone and I did sign in to it but it kept searching for my phone with the United States map but did NOT find it. What in the living hell is wrong here ? It used to work !

  7. I can't seem to log into devicemanager app when am using myipad,on a browser webpage. Can you put the video on the stepbystep installation? Also, when i tried to turn on the showcard on the google app setting, that feature was disabled. It reads "google now is not available in your country". What is up with that? Am i supposed to move to a country that support this feature? Help. Details needed.

  8. my device is nokia xl but android device manager shows it a panasonic android phone that my friend has.we both have gmail account of one another in each others mobile phone.thus how can i be able to track my phone if it lost ???

  9. So if your phone has a screen lock and the 3G is not on when you lost it, then its as good as gone. You will never get it back?