The Galaxy Fold’s Folding Test

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Samsung subjected the Galaxy Fold to several rounds of extensive tests in its state-of-the-art reliability labs.
Naturally, given the smartphone’s design, a Folding Test was a pivotal part of the Galaxy Fold’s durability assessment.

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  1. It's time for a change for robots-filled state-of-the-art 'reliability' labs. State-of-reality test benches in open air, with exposure to dust, sunlight, pocket detritus and human by-products will cost a lot less and produce much better results.

  2. nobody opens and closes their phone like that. the axis of rotation in the hands of a user is NEVER in line with the axis of the pivot. this jig would never accurately test for the lateral forces (twists etc) you get when you really open a phone by pushing it in ways it wasn't supposed to open. I hope other, less "perfect" jigs were used.

  3. That is the problem of the samsung. They make the devices not from the real world, but from the world where their own ideas about usage. Just opening and closing the device doesn’t mean using it as a people.

  4. Just a thought, probably it would have been smart to take into account that humans in most cases do not apply each time the exactly same and directed amount force to the device when closing it. How said, just a thougt when looking at this video.