The Galaxy Note 10 Plus (Pro) Model – Hands-On!

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In this video, we have a hands-on with the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus (Pro) model (dummy unit). We will see exactly what it looks like, compare it with the Note 9, and showcase a few of the cases for the galaxy note 10 plus or pro.

I was going to do the unboxing of the full note 10 plus, but decided to just rip it open from the package and showcase it to you.

Let’s dive in.

The official release date for the Note 10 and Note 10 Plus is August 7th in NY. Stay tuned.

I-Blason Cases for Note 10 Plus:
Sup-Cases for Note 10 Plus:

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  1. Haha what is this, people are doing fake phone reviews now. Yea let me try on a case on the fake phone. Let me say it comes out on Aug 7th when it doesn't. Someone give this man some milk, he needs some milk. The K2 got him.

  2. Um, I do believe this is the Note 10, NOT the Note 10+ dude. If it's the same size as the Note 9… you are pretty wrong.