The Galaxy S10e Destroys the iPhone XR?

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The iPhone XR is a good phone. I have used it as my daily phone since it was released and it’s a good thing. But Samsung has come out swinging this year with their S10 phones and the S10e eats the XR’s lunch.
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  1. Samsung isn't efficient enough with there resources! That's the problem! They heavily skin it and it handicapps it.

    I prefer Motorola phones as for build quality and a closer to stock Android experience! If Google Pixel 3a had a better look to it then I'd opt for that. I'm awaiting new color choices.

    I'm just not a Samsung guy. I loved my Galaxy S2 ions ago but in recent years they really try and do way too much with the UI!

  2. I think Samsung are "killing" Apple hands down. I keep my 6s as it's still a really good phone and I can play it via my Car Stereo, something I desperately need to be able to do and can't seem to be able to do with USB Type C connections….when Apple switch to Type C, there'll be even less reason to want to "upgrade", even if I could afford to! 😉

  3. Sammy giving you more for your buck! However, Apple will always sell well based on brand loyalty and simplicity and efficiency of iOS. It is all about preference.

  4. I think that iOS users like iOS and Android users like Android regardless of which is the better value for the same price. I have always used macs and iPhones so I think the Xr is better because the biometrics are secure and can not be fooled with a picture. They can be used to make payments as well. It also has an amazing battery life because of the A12 efficiency. It gets the job done. Also Ik the display is over 720p and here on YouTube we criticize that but when I see people using their Xr’s at my school I can almost guarantee none of these people actually know the resolution of their phones, laptops, etc. You need to be on YouTube and searching around the tech community to notice these things in my experience.

  5. I love your energy, the beginning of your videos are really cool and energetic. By the way, I want that Wolverine t-shirt!!! Keep doing what you do, don't ever change. Gracias.

  6. iPhone users will be iPhone users so I dont think it will sway them even though the s10e has superior specs iPhone users like the same thing year after year

  7. You're talking about what you get more out of your money. Yes the spec sheet wages in Samsung's favor, but you're paying for the device longevity and use. If you're buying budget phones, chances are you don't have money to waste every year on a brand new phone. And the iPhone will ALWAYS last you longer with speed and updates than any android on the market. You get more for your money when time becomes a factor.

  8. The S10e is a sweet device: great compact size; gorgeous AMOLED screen: fantastic cameras with wide angle lenses and great night time shots; full screen; camera punch instead of massive notch and cheaper (in the UK).

    It will definitely sell well and it really makes me want to ditch my iPhone 7 and get a 10e. BUT, the Samsung runs Android and that is it’s biggest weakness. I prefer iOS/UNIX over Google and it’s spyware called Android.

    So for that reason I’ll be keeping my iPhone 7…

  9. Ive been using apple for around 10yrs. I’m kinda nervous about this switch but i decided to pre-order the s10e. Mainly because of the spec sheet. Apple got greedy imo every year pushing the limits of how much they could price. I think i the specs with the insane price tags are going to convert a lot of people like me.

  10. Hey Jason, my note 9 still doesn't have the one Ui update. My wife has a galaxy S9 plus and has had it for two weeks now. I've asked several YouTubers and no one has an answer to why! Any info??

  11. The e should be the r killer. Apples reality distortion field can’t camouflage the bull they come out with these days and even the Apple sheep Baaaaaah! are learning that lesson.