The iPhone 11 Pro Just Got Better…Again.

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The iPhone 11 Pro Just Got Better…Again.
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  1. I can't seem to be able to change the frame rate on the iPhone 11 (non pro) in the camera app. Does anyone know if this is something apple is only giving to the pro or is it my iOS version 13.1.3? Thanks!

  2. I really enjoyed watching this on full screen on my iPhone X. I’m definitely leaning towards buying the iPhone 11 pro , particularly watching some footage a filmmaker friend of mine took on his iPhone 11 pro recently. I was blown away.

  3. I got my 11 Pro about 2 weeks ago and I’ve been loving it! My last phone was the iPhone 8 so I’m still loving the larger OLED screen and better contrast from my 8. I’ve gotten some pretty decent landscape shots using the ultra wide on this phone and it’s awesome

  4. I have the one plus 7 and I love it but some things just piss me off and the camera quality is just ok and even with the pixel port it helps but if things are moving or if it's not the best lighting it suffers. The video quality on the 11 is way better and is more capable.

  5. I recorded a video with my iPhone 10 front facing camera , and it looks the same . Honestly not worth giving up my $1000 dollar phone AND paying $600 on top of it …

  6. I'm not sure why people forget about this but the camera app used to have the ability to change the fps in the past but then Apple removed it for unknown reasons

  7. I just got mine last Saturday coming from an iPhone 8plus switching to 11pro i must say it has changed by a mile. I’m in awe with the pro.

  8. His favorite word: "Crazy".
    1st 3:35. "it seems like (Apple) is listening"
    Then….immediately "..feature missing from ios pretty much since the dawn of time and we've asked and asked and asked and asked and and asked. Yeah Apple is busy listening.
    When are they going to redesign the notification center?
    When will they add haptic feedback to the keyboard?
    When will they add suggestions from the address book when you're dialing a phone number?
    We've asked and asked and asked and asked and asked and it's never happened…

  9. Apple said iOS 13 to have upto 50% lesser apps’ size.
    I don’t notice this at all. My storage is every bit as full as it was in ios12.
    Do you feel the same ?

  10. I still can't seem to change settings while in the camera app even after tapping on the current frame rate in the corner but nothing will come up

  11. my gf just got iPhone 11 and my god that thing is a monster, battery last forever. We both started a day with 100% battery. 8 Hours later she still had 75% battery with 6 hours on screen time meanwhile i was already at 30% with 4 hours on screen time. This is insane! and this was just normal day in University with light usage.