The iPhone X is Not Dead?

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Weeks ago it was looking really bad for the iPhone X. The overpriced flagship was on the ropes and Apple was going to go down with it. But then like a fresh spring breeze the earnings reports come out and we find…iPhone X is Not Dead?

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  1. LMAO you'd think that after 11 years of living with iPhones, we'd stop assuming a phone won't sell because it's missing this, or doesn't do that, or cost so much. Blah blah blah. Apple will sell a shit ton of phones every year for quite a long fucking time. Stop betting against Apple because Apple ALWYAS wins. (Thanks to the consumer as you pointed out haha)

  2. Apple is a master of deception and foolishness…I don't have even a grain of belief with this report from Apple. Fool only the foolish around, Apple! I am in the business world as well…

  3. I didn’t know some of that stuff. Thank you for sharing. Means a lot for us consumers to understand and get these messages dumb down, so that we can consciously make better decisions and help influence where truly needed.

  4. Well, Warren Buffett wants to own more apple stock… wasn't that in the news that he just purchased 5 percent of the company. I'm sure he'll buy again when the price is low.

  5. Well, not being butthurt, but it's pretty impressive for the s9 to be out for only 2 months and still land a place in the top 5.

  6. My iPhone X is perfect. It’s a one hand device with a big display. Premium materials and innovative outstanding, the best smartphone design ever.

  7. As you said everything can marketed to make it sound better. The outcome could have been that Apple is in trouble because the S9 is off to a great start with a better avg. phone per month sales than the iPhone X. S9 has managed a 6.9 avg in 3 weeks of sales (5.3/0.75=6.9) vs iPhone X 5.3 (16/3), 3 months of sales…

  8. From a Black Person with Common Sense, White People become Very Wealthy This Way…. Get The Stock To Drop, Buy It Low, Then Sell High and Become RICH!!!!!!!!!

  9. Great video Jason. Keep swinging for the fences! ? You Rock!
    Youtuber to Youtuber – You got great content, AND AND.. you are a very rhetorically skilled YouTuber.
    I foresee greatness in your future.

  10. If they lower the price this year that's how we'll know it wasn't the iPhone X that made there profit but the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus.

  11. Your basing profit on the iPhone X without knowing costs or volumes of any of Apples line up – your repeating the same mistake as drawing conclusions from the supply chain rumours which only had part of the equation. :).

  12. So as per normal Apple gives people what they want takes a long view of business and does very well. And for those people that don’t need or want the latest greatest and a phone is just for talk, text and occasional web browsing they offer a bunch of other options. Not the least of which is the 5s most likely still being supported going into its sixth year this fall. The androids offering anything close to that are? And as for analysts and about anyone involved with the stock market, well they exist in a level of crazy without much basis in the real world. Gun fighters might tell them to settle down and relax. About the only thing worse is middle managers. 🙂

  13. Good video man, you are one of the few youtubers to really take a step back and look at what happened. Many others just pretend they didn't help sell the gloom and doom story or worse, double down on it.

    That said, you really shouldn't criticize a product price based on "parts costs". Apple has a healthy profit margin of more than 30%, which is less than Intel has and more than many others have. But if they sell a "$300" product for $1000 they would have a much higher margin than that! It's interesting how everyone enjoys that Apple Store experience, the Apple support services, praise the beautiful installations they build, the fast shipping of 20 million devices per month, the investment in processors, Force Touch, Touch ID, true tone, ProMotion etc, the exclusive operating system, but then pretends they are only paying for assemble parts. Because all the rest comes free right, and every other company doesn't offer that just because.

  14. This Guy Trashed Apple also, and Now Listen To Him… I've Never Trashed Apple because I know They're Gonna give you The Best Quality Product…

  15. Market manipulations to Apple all the time. Media and WS hated Apple because of Steve Jobs and they have been trying to bring Apple down for a long time. Look at when Google just changed their name to Alphabet, their stock rise up like crazy. While I agree that consumer buys many iPhone and that it sucks that we will continue to pay premium for Apple products. maybe it’s just because they prefer and trusted Apple more than others phones from Android venders. And willing to pay for that trust. Hmmm!

  16. It’s funny how I get my iPhone ? X and now it’s dead? I just feel like people can’t afford it so they hate on it. My phone is the shit!