The iPhone X PLUS: What It Could Be

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Apple could release a larger iPhone X Plus later this year that would have a huge display and room for improvement. Hear some of the rumors in this vid and be sure to Like, Share and Enjoy!

Shoutout to Concept Creator for the iPhone X Plus visuals:

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  1. Th only issue I have with my iPhone X is that like YouTube videos aren’t optimized for it so you have to zoom in. Same with Netflix and Hulu

  2. It’s so funny that everybody on YouTube thinks they have big hands. Not trolling, but literally everyone talking about plus phones says that ????

  3. Great video as always, but I disagree with you about the X being the perfect size. I'd say something like the s8+ is the perfect size. iPhone X is way too small and I have small hands.

  4. It’s going to be like 1600€… Sorry but we all know that smartphones have become a status symbol. Prices above 1000$ are going to be normal for EVERY manufacturer in the near future. Only Apple had the balla to test how the consumers react to those prices. All the other companies will follow soon.

  5. YESSSS!!!! Bigger is better, just make it 7 inches and im set. I dont need it to have an Apple Pencil i just want a big phone with a great camera cause I'm always using my phone to take and look at pictures. Oh and more RAM too

  6. Having had the 6S Plus and 7 Plus, and now the X, I have really realized how big and cumbersome the Plus phones were. The size of the iPhone X is absolutely perfect. That said, if this iPhone X Plus comes out, there is no way in hell I will be able to resist that big beautiful OLED screen, lol.