The most exciting new Android phone is … an Android One?

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Jayce talks about the Xiaomi Mi A1!


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  1. Many countries in this world aren't giving permission to enter xiaomi into the country because of their popularity.
    If xiaomi enters than the current smartphone companies on that country will lose everything.
    Example: Samsung and Samsung competition in India.

  2. Actually I grabbed one just a few days after it was launched in Ukraine. I'm really happy with it. Not everyone is going to love mediocre camera and lack of NFC, but aside of that it's one of best phones I've used in last few years.

  3. Love it, nice phone, great value, unfortunately it wouldn't make sense for me to buy it right now but I hope this continues to grow, after they killed the Nexus I really felt like Google abandoned a huge portion of their fan base, the pixel is ok but nothing exciting to me at all, it's really just a shrine to flagships and to Google, not to Android as an open and free OS, the pixel just another overpriced phone with dumb features and they didn't even do that well

  4. I bought one. And it's pretty good. The camera and the audio out put quality is out standing from the other mid-range smartphones. The dedicated amp is awesome. It's like all the hardware and software pretty optimized. It's like xiaomi is giving security update every month I bought it in November and I got November security patch and in December I got another security patch update Wich is December pack. So I don't regret anything after buying this phone all I get is pretty good performance and amazing sound quality via headphone jack. Love the product and waiting for the Oreo update and now the Oreo in beta version.