the new iOS 14 broke my iPhone…

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In today’s video, I downloaded the new iOS 14 unreleased beta ! If you guys don’t know betas sometimes have complications. So enjoy me downloading it, going through the confusion, and the exciting new features new to iPhone! Hopefully, this video helped you either wait patiently or be like me and download it despite the smallmouth functions! You can click the link below If you want to find out how to download the beta now. What do you think of the beta? What’s your favorite part so far? If you found this video entertaining please give It a huge thumbs up and subscribe! Thanks so much for watching and I’ll see you guys next sarahgracesaturday!

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  1. @SarahGrace You can actually add highlights to hair! All you have to do is click on your hairstyle section then click bother color besides your own then highlights pop up on the bottom and then click back on to your hair color😊 sry if that sounded confusing 😂

  2. so i downloaded it like a few months ago and at first it was really glitchy so i tried to delete the beta thinking it was going to take the update off my phone but it just made it worse so i redownloaded the update and now its working so much better. it still glitches from time to time but not as much as it used to.