The NEW Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+

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My review of this thing new Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+. 120 Hz Display, Snapdragon 865+, Wireless Dex, 5G Support. It’s ripe.

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  1. Dex is not that gimmicky on phones, I've recycled my old S8 as a sort of chromebook for my daughter… just bought a monitor, mouse and keyboard… super fast and really useful device.

  2. after trying the tab s7+ the latency on my current tablet thingy is so much more noticeable. like i hardly noticed it before unless i was writing really fast.

  3. I bought it last night. But the only gripe is that I can't use my wired earphones with it. It doesn't recognise it. I hate using wireless earphones when at home cos of the need to charge it often. Any idea how do I get my earphones to work with the Tab S7/7+?

  4. Lol, like people who drop a grand on a product are doing anything but media watching. People aren't trying to make something of themselves, to busy saying they can't afford anything.

  5. Dex is Great! I use it all the time when working from home.
    People don't necessarily have to carry monitors, keyboards and mice around with them.. that's not the point of Dex…
    I have a Galaxy note 10+ 5g, I can dock it at home and work really easily, I have a large LG wide-screen monitor so I'm sorted.
    I can (& do) connect to a Windows computer via RD client.
    When I go into the office I can simply Dock it and carry on working!
    In a hotel I don't need a laptop, I either connect wirelessly or wired to my rooms screen. I can use the phone as a mouse and keyboard..

    Dex eliminates – at least for me, the need to have an expensive home/work Computer, an even more expensive laptop and a Tablet.

    I can seriously do everything with my Note 10.

    Apple must have already developed a Desktop Experience for iPad, but they will never publicly release it. If they do release it, it will hit their MacBook sales hard

    It's terrible really that people have an iPhone and iPad both with desktop class processors but they are limited to IOS!

    Apple sheep spend sooo much money on separate items! I know loads of people who will have a 2K iMac for home, a 2K MacBook for when they're 'out and about', a 1K iPad for…… well just because Apple tells them they need one, and finally a 1K iPhone.
    If Apple released their Desktop Experience, people could just use their iPhone for basically everything… Is just a mindset!

    Apple are masters of marketing! They've made us believe that dangling white plastic mini toothbrushes from our ears is ok…..
    All those things do is adverise Apple!

  6. So on the apps situation. It’s true that most devs will develop a tablet app version for iPads and have mostly abandoned Android…but that’s just for a separate interface. You’ll hear a lot of cross talk like that seem to suggest almost no apps will even work at all. They will, it just won’t look exactly like an iPad’s. Also, just like on iOS and Android—some apps aren’t available. You’ll hear a lot about reasons not to get this tablet because some pro artist or content creator app isn’t compatible on Android tablets but it is on iOS. Most users doing pro work and paid gigs I’ve talked to may start or edit on it, but the job’s being ultimately done on a traditional laptop or desktop running the full version. They don’t know what the hell they wanna do with their phones let alone tablet software development. Also, don’t buy into these things or even iPad, being laptops or laptop replacements. Nobody said they were…except youtubers. They have a lot of common basic use cases that for a lot of users may. But when they start comparing them to laptops and begin running down all the reasons why they could just never be replacement, they’re listing reasons nobody would legit try and consider. No real graphic design artist with a small business is going to throw out a 16-inch i9 MacBook Pro with 32gb of RAM for this or an iPad Pro you know what I’m saying? But a student in high school or college could definitely get by taking notes and looking up some stuff at the library and then working on the full assignments on their laptop. The DeX mode is just there to give you more multitasking capabilities not replace anything. I don’t know why they insist on arguing for something it or the iPad isn’t trying to be. They may have, in some ways, equivalent features or levels of performance but that’s it.