The Quint: Apple Vs Android: Trying to Convince Yourself to Buy iPhone 7?

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Apple launched iPhone 7 on 7th September, 2016.
And all hell broke loose!
Apple lovers across the world met the newest love of their lives!
While iPhones fans have already kept aside their iPhone fund for the year, the not-so-rich are counting their pennies to decide the priorities.
Ab mann ki sune ya pocket ki?
Meet the ‘Apple’ side of your brain trying to convince you to buy the latest iPhone 7, while the ‘Android’ side gives you reasons not to splurge that money.

Video: The Quint
Music: Big Bang Fuzz

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  1. Its very simple.. non iphone users cant afford it. Galxy note 7 cost around 62k .. woh vi kuch sasta nai h.. so non i phone user relax with your gionee phone , stop cursing i phone.
    "Angoor khatee hote hai" remember the story

  2. guys apple only have the brand value… for stundets like us android is much better ..and i phone is only use full of cops , secret agents and terrorist cause they have lots of things to hide.. cause the secrity of high phone is the best in the world and i am really sure a common man like us dont anything special to hide..

  3. I use android. My wife asked to put ws in her apple ipad. I had to create an account in her computer and in her ipad, create an account with apple store that's great because you don't see the pssw and you are prone to mistakes. Then I had to update the IOS. Then finally I downloded ws. But then my wife did not have a fancy tlf but one of the old ones…2 hours vs 5' in Android. Annoying!!!

  4. Android is shitty bruh
    iOS is more fast
    If you're gonna spent on s8 then that's better but budget and mid rangers are shit One Plus is doing a good job as well