The REAL Reason iPhone 7 Doesn’t Have A Headphone Jack

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With the iPhone 7, Apple decided to kill the headphone jack. There’s a number of different reasons that went into why Apple may have decided to do this. In this video, we try to determine the REAL Reason.

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  1. I still have a iPhone 6, and about a month ago I used some really good headphones with the headphone jack, now I have Bluetooth headphones, and I currently don’t see any use for my headphone jack.

  2. 2nd reason is bullshit I’ve seen people fit a headphone jack into a iPhone 7 look it up plenty of people have done it. Apple simply wanted to be revolutionary again.

  3. Bad call apple, im still on iphone 6 mainly cause of this. Really wanted a iphone 7-10, but i use my headphone jack constantly, in car, at home, and at work. And dont want wireless for cost, battery, ease of loss, and other reasons. So another sale lost good job, and I'm about to switch to android cause this iphone 6 is to old and i need a newer phone. Not to mention that bar on the 10 (any screen not a rectangle is a horrible choice in my mind), and no finger print sensor making even unlocking my phone more of a chore. Sounds like 1st world problems i know, but I'm not going pay $1,000+ then still need another few hundred bucks in headphones and quick charge shit just to end up having a phone thats more of a pain in the ass then a $200 iphone 6. Or android.

  4. Looks like without Jobs they are lost. Wonder how many more lawsuits will be filed by Apple in Californication to stop Samsung taking over the coveted # 1 spot?

  5. I’d wished Apple had left the jack on the phone.
    Now there’s another something I have to make sure I keep up with.
    I use my phone quite a bit for playing music.
    But thanks Apple for at least including the adapter!

  6. I have a iPhone 7 and when I want to charge my phone I have to take the earphones out and put the charger in

    It gets annoying sometimes but it’s all good if they would have left the earphone jack on the iPhone 7 it would be good but they didn’t

  7. Honestly i thing getting rid of the charging port in favor of witeless charging isnt that bad, better than getting rid of the headphone jack

  8. 0:07 he said “those fancy headphones you have? You are not gonna be able to use them again” and shows some fancy WIRELESS headphones ??? automatically taking anything you say with a grain of salt ???

  9. They just removed it because they own the lightning port so every company that wants to make a adapter has to pay them money to fabricate a lightning cable (if im not wrong)

  10. I aslo think that they lacked technology to have water proof with the headphone jack because since iphone 7 didnt sell well because of not having a headphone jack, they must’ve added a headphone jack in iphone 8 even it might take up more battery space. Because no one is buying it

  11. Do those apple ear bud things have a microphone ?
    I never hold my phone when I am talking on it. I always use headphones. So my headphones are not just for music.

  12. I really want an iPhone X but WITH!!! A Headphone jack! Why the fuck does Apple have to fuck with everything! You ruined the iPhone 8 and X! They should have left it at the shitty iPhone 7 but now they’ve made a beautiful new iPhone X a piece of shit! I’m not buying anymore Apple products until they bring it back

  13. Samsung crams more in their phones then Apple all while having more display to phone ratio and having a headphone jack. There isn't an excuse. You can have BOTH Bluetooth and a headphone jack. Apple took the jack away to force you into buying expensive Bluetooth headphones and or a dongle for your wired headphones.
    More money in the accessory market!
    I for one would rather have my audio signal not be compressed by Bluetooth and rather use a cable and get the best sound while not having another thing to remember to charge.
    Anyone who defends the taking away of the port are simply misunderstood die hard whatever from Apple is what I'm buying fanboys.

  14. Neither of the three reasons are very good. And wired audio transmission is more reliable and better than wireless. I charge my phone and use my headphones at the same time about each day. And I don't like wireless headphones. So for me the new iPhone is a no-go product for me. I would never consider it.