The Samsung Galaxy Fold Is Great… If You Live in a Bubble | WSJ

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Samsung’s relaunched foldable phone fixes some of the first issues but now comes with a long list of warnings about handling the phone carefully. WSJ’s Joanna Stern retreats to a sealed dome in the woods to review the innovative device.

Photo illustration: Adele Morgan/The Wall Street Journal

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  1. Since the iPhone 3g came out, this is the first phone I really love and i feel like not of wasting my money buying a new phone. Innovative and super practical. People who talks bad about the fold just doesn't have the money to buy it or never have the possibility to use it before. 😀 watching on my fold !!

  2. Why is the Fold even marketed? I know it is made by Samsung because they can but the Fold has ZERO PRACTICAL USE. It is better of in a museum to be admired. I agree that you have to be in a bubble to use this thing. The amount of warnings are just ridiculous.