The smartest way to upgrade to Apple’s iPhone 8 or iPhone X

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It doesn’t matter if you purchase the iPhone from Best Buy, your carrier, or from Apple. The price of the new iPhone is going to be the same no matter where you buy it from. But there is a better way to grab the new phone.

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  1. I really don't know what to tell you if ur buying this phone but ur not going to find it here this video is probably tipped off and they opinion is bias go somewhere where ur only given the facts so that u can make ur own decisions

  2. Better way if you want to upgrade every year : just save your money every month until apple launch new product, and sell your old phone when you got new one..

    Iphone price decrease slowly than most phone

  3. the best way is to throw the iphone out of the window and buy a good android like pixel 2 if you dont mind no headphone jack oneplus 5 if you are low on cash or a galaxy note 8

  4. Or you know I can just go to AT&T and get my iPhone X for free because of my
    iPhone Upgrade every year and yes they do that well it use to be cheap if you wanna do it now it’s hella expensive