The Xiaomi Mi A2 is a crazy good deal…

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Xiaomi Mi A2 –

The Xiaomi Mi A2 is one of the few available Android One smartphones. This gives you a stock Android experience and timely updates.


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  1. I've had this phone for a year now, about to upgrade.
    • 35 GB version non expandable took a toll on me, the memory is full and I barely can fit any apps on it, so buy the 128 GB version.
    • No headphone jack, it bothers you a lot at some point
    • Battery drains quick nowadays
    It's the first time a phone hasn't failed in any aspect, it doesn't lag, it doesn't go slow, no phantom touch. Everything works fine. Normally I change mid range phones quickly because they literally breakdown inside, this works perfectly fine.

  2. Using MI A2 because of this channel and it's still work so good in 2020 with Android 10. Android One smartphone is another type of smartphone that everyone should consider when looking for new device.

  3. Αfter 1 year of use I could say its still good except for the fact that some apps doesn't sometimes behave normally nonetheless good phone almost worth the 160 euros

  4. The only good thing a bout this phones is a price for it's specs
    Im not satisfied with my screen it looks depressing compared to other phones
    The camera doesen't take good photos in my opinion but the 4K is good and 1080p 60fps
    The finger print is slow kinda and, im really disturbed by the navigation bar because u can't get a full screen experinece
    The navigation bar thing is second biggest thing that makes me really not like the phone but the first place takes the fact that when u start downloading big files it starts to delay lag a lot if it wasn't for the finger print i couldn't have used my phone for half an hour and if it reaches really high ram( A LOT OF DELAY LAG) then it will just force restart itself
    The battery is kinda okay tho

    Honestly a horrible phone don't buy it
    Can you imgaine the phone has a lot of ram yet delay lags like hell

  5. Well as a A series user, Android One program by Xioami is terrible. You get more bugs by every single update, you wait for android upgrades for a long time (android 9 to 10) Only on time you get security updates and latest android which is 10 is not yet released and not even for latest Mi A3.

  6. Thats my future phone and Air Dots for Christmas so im saving up just for a phone and legit Airdots and not buying Airpods and im filipino and im saving up 8,899 pesos for that phone and 699 pesos for Air Dots seems legit and ITS FRICKIN GOOD FOR ROBLOX CALL OF DUTY AND ANY GAME YALL YOU SHOULD BUY IT ITS LEGIT!

  7. dont listen to this video seriously its the worst phone ever it never works there is so many problems there is also ads on the phone not on apps just on the phone itself and its so bad i was with a really bad phone and listen this phone is not usable not a troll just dont do it .