This is the iPhone SE 2

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Is the iPhone SE 2 a new iPhone or an old iPhone? You decide.

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  1. I didn’t understand why there were so many dislikes at first but I see why now… you just mumbled on about nonessential information for way too long… I didn’t get anything from this video, except, that the price is $399

  2. Well ive been using a samsung galaxy a50 for a year and a bit now, and i can say its crap. i cant spend 1000$ for a phone and i dont want to, but as a user i deffinetly will never buy an android again. so the se 2020 right now looks pretty good and will absolutelly work after a year of usage.

  3. For my reason why I bought the Iphone is because I am legally blind and it is highly regarded in the blind community. The SE is a great price and the screen size don"t matter but it feels good in the pocket. If I had to choose 1 thing for a phone to excel at, it would have to be the CPU. I been a android guy since the second gen G2 T-mobile.

  4. Oh and looooooove small phones ,, check why Steve Jobs said nooooo to big phones !!! Check and you’ll all understand the time he took to make sure he put out a phone to use with one hand ,, the man was brilliant ,, no to big stupid phones ,,, might as well get an iPad ,, lol