This is the new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G

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The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G is officially here and it supports 5G (Sub-6), WiFi 6 and has two new non-glossy/slippery color finishes.

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  1. 5G and more expensive with less included in the box. Trade in is way less on the original Z Flip because they know the 5G isn't an upgrade. 15W charging is unacceptable.

  2. Apparently the 5G model has the Dex I'm gutted as no Dex on my 4g Z flip model waiting to see if we get a software update as having to revert back to my old note 8 to use my Dex Station

  3. Any word if this is coming to Verizon. I know the lack of mmWave but is it possible? I like the Razr but I think I prefer this and been with Samsung the last 6 years.

  4. Wow Samsung is really stepping up their game but I cannot switch over to android. Unless I was able to manage my music files locally lie the way I do it on iPhone.