Threema – “Secure” messaging for iOS and Android?, Hak5 1517.2

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Wireless networking point-to-point pineapples and secure messaging for iOS and Android, this time on Hak5.

Hak5 1517.1:
Hak5 1517.2:
Hak5 1517.3:

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  1. The mentioned "nickname" is "[…]included in push notifications on Apple iOS devices[…]" only. Is not really a way to find someone else. 😉
    But nevertheless: cool review. I'm using Threema since it is out for Android, but the problem is: Most of my contacts are using WhatsApp only … too bad …

  2. Come on?! Not open source. It's absolutely understandable if someone is trying to make money out of a good idea. And as of today, secure messaging is surely worth under 2€ for a one time purchase…

  3. I expected this video to maybe try some exploits, mitm or anything that actually does test security… Not just showing stuff that's obvious for anyone using that app -.-