TicWatch Pro vs Galaxy Watch : Less is More!

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Let’s discuss some of the key facts when decising on which smartwatch to buy. the Mobvoi TicWatch Pro costs $249 while the Samsung Galaxy Watch is $349, that’s 40% more, or $100 more out of your pocket. However, less is sometimes more! The better value is sometimes the item which costs LESS BUT gives you MORE..get it?

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  1. Good review, you help to take a choice. TicWatch Pro will be mine. 2 thing in the balance was the choice of apps and the google assistant efficacity. Thanks a lot!

  2. I have a Gear S3 Frontier so I don't see the need to update. I checked out the new Ticwatch for curiosity. It happened to be on special offer here with equivalent to 30 dollars off. But it felt and looks cheap compared to my S3 and the Galaxy Watch. It's immediately obvious where they saved that hundred dollars. Plus no rotating bezel navigation. Android Wear was always pretty bad for navigation and ease of use and Wear OS hasn't improved on it. Not only is the Galaxy Watch better, even my 2 year old Frontier is better. Ticwatch is cheaper because it's a cheap ass watch. The present Huawei watch is also far better. I could buy that one except for the shitty Wear OS. Just my opinion.

  3. Samsung may have less apps but there are more stable and they're more optimised, and it is also much smoother then Android and next time remember tk mention the positives and the negatives on both the only thing you did was focusing on negatives of galaxy and positives on the tickwatch… what about military grade durability, 52m under fresh and salt water, longer and better software update/support… and si much more

  4. What did it for me was the back of the watch, and the bezel. While I give up apps, I get a much nicer feeling watch on the wrist, rather than cold metal. And the bezel is BEYOND convenient so you don’t dirty up your screen when your hands are busy or filthy.

    I’ve given them both a try, and they are both worth owning in my opinion

  5. To be honest, I love the Samsung overall design better. It is more versatile and easy to match clothing with different bands. I owe the Galaxy Watch 46mm and it works really good whether I wear a suit & tie or just go to work with my sports look. I got 4 bands that I could swap out really quick.

  6. Honestly speaking mst only one tech is different and also alot useful. But now new Samsung watch does not make any sense by hardware. And also wear os is better than tizen watch os.