TicWatch Pro vs. Samsung Galaxy Watch – Which should you buy?

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  1. I have both and like both. the galaxy's a bit smoother in it's navigation compared to the ticwatch. oddly i get more compliments on my all blk ticwatch. battery on both are about the same for me with aod activated despite the reviews quoting otherwise. great review.

  2. so what is the difference between the Ticpro and the tick watch C2? The pro is very masculine I like the design options on C2 but am I losing out on a lot with that model? Also do you think Samsung will ever use Google OS ITS SO MUCH BETTER. If the Samsung watch just had the google assistant and Google Maps it would be a NO BRAINER for me

  3. Hi Donavon, great videos!

    I'm looking for a Wear OS watch which I can also use during my cycling trips. That means up to 5 hours of GPS, I don't use music during these trips. Is the Ticwatch up for that /will there be any battery life left?

    On a "normal" working day I need 2.5 hours of GPS tracking (no music) and the rest of the day notifications. Is the Ticwatch up for that?

  4. I own note 9 and the galaxy watch is the perfect match for me
    All the feature is working fine, and never had issues with HR and step counter till now, so far its a great deal ??

  5. At 11.33 I'm slightly confused that you say with typical usage you get roughly the same – 2 days yet earlier say only a day on the Ticwatch pro. This to me is the crucial feature of these smartwatches ans my conclusion from this and other comparison videos is the Samsung is better under typical usage?

  6. Very good review. i just bought the Ticwatch Pro but the claimed battery life of up to 30 days is meaningless if you use the apps you will hardly get more than one day. as you say a lot of the apps you wont use and I wish they would stop calling these smart watches when they are primarily fitness watches and you cant remove those constantly functioning apps to extend battery life. To me battery life is everything and needs to be at least 3 days on full functionality of just a handful of useful apps.

  7. O owned the gear s3 for a year and 2 months ago it started to reboot loops. There is no fix on the internet and there are countless complaints online. Samsung hasn't addressed this issue. Won't be getting another smartwatch until it becomes thinner and faster.