Time to Charge: Samsung Galaxy S8

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Been a while since the last time to charge video, but it’s here, this time with the Samsung Galaxy S8.

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  1. i have slow charging issue on my s8 plus!!! it is taking almost 3 hrs to charge fully.. been to service center couple of times.. they did all the possible troubleshooting methods but no use… it doesnt charge continuously till 100…charging till 83% and stays der until i reconnect the charger after couple of minutes …anyone else having this issue ?

  2. when im using charger that i got in box with s8 it says fast charging on, so what i want to know is am i using something wrong, is there normal charging because i dont want to do dmg on battery with fast charging

  3. what is the use of fast charger…even normal charger can charge smartphones to 100% in 1 hour…but s8 with fast charge took 1.5 hrs…..what is it? i can't understand.why you guys saying this as fast charger?

  4. If you look at lab tests, for battery life cycle extension. Let it drop to about 20% and charge to 80% and you battery should have a longer lifespan