Tips and Tricks for the Oppo Find 5

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In this Video I will be giving you a few tips and tricks on how to improve the general experience when using the Oppo Find 5.

Nova Launcher:
Minimal Icons:
WP Clock 2:
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  1. any thoughts how to get updates I have oppo find 5 kitkat , unable to get update from colour os and I would love to have more screen locks….. love this phone and I hope it gets better and better the battery life rocks

  2. i am really tempted by this phone…for real. i have a nexus 5 but there is something about this phone. i think the nexus devices kind of cheat on us by using their on screen buttons they take a lot of the scree space while using the web mostly not while watching videos. this Oppo is 5' and full screen because the capacitive buttons are at the bottom. that right there is making me buy the 32g version and also their UI looks great and smooth. i heard this phone gets updates every 2 weeks, that's like twice a month. constantly getting updates it's a plus for all of us, you all know how much we hate to wait 7 months for a simple and minor update. decisions decisions….:)

  3. Yeah happened to me. Screen broken. The actual chassis is good though. New software is much better now. Looking forward to seeing the N1. Hopefully they'll have learnt from their "mistakes"

  4. This is a gorgeous phone but the software is a peice of shit. Its always in beta, they stop support for roms leaving you in the dark. Id stay well away from it.

    As fore the build quality its great until you drop it. One drop on a solid surface and its broken.

    When it come to repairing it, look forward to sending it back to oppo in china and paying around $200 minimum to get it fixed. Screens on this phone break very easily, one drop and its broken.

  5. I just used the font that's in the settings. It's a difficult topic to cover via YT comments. One tip is to longpress certain menus as they have context menus.

  6. I have no idea 😀 I just bought the app and watched a tutorial but dont seem to find to get it clean like urs. Maybe what font you have and tell me where to get white font I could fix it?

  7. I mean i am reading everything i could put my hands on since i found out about it yesterday and thats the only article that mentions restrictions of some kind. As for Oppostyle Europe they didnt bother to inform me if and when and how 🙂

  8. Are you certain its going to come to Europe, the S600 version i mean, cause i read this : " Oppo has already started accepting pre-orders for this updated version marked as Find 5 TD. That “TD” part means this model is specially made to sing along the world’s largest carrier’s TD-SCDMA 3G network and will not work in other parts of the world… at least you won’t be able to get 3G download/upload speeds.''

  9. Haha nice try 😉 I don't know if I'll be getting the S600 now that I have seen the Galaxy Note 3 specs ;). The screen is cracked so doing a giveaway is not really fair unfortunately.

  10. Bei missed!it gibt es eine option wo man die farbe der symbole umaendern kann . Ganz im ersten menu musst du auf die app druecken die du veraendern willst. Probiere es mal und schau ob das funktioniert

  11. particularly the black Standardbidlschirm and the Nova Launcher with the black screen or the app Missed! IT, minnmalUi Con Pack MinimalUi icon packs I've installed all as their guide. Now but I have to Find 5 at me with a problem with the appt! So I tried according to your suggestion, set to yours on the black screen, the surfaces

  12. Symbols tried symbols such as calls, sms, gmail Benachrtichtigungen,All Aps like Whats Up, Hangout, also on.Find my 5 with the app Missed! wp clock2 IT app installed. However,for me only an icon for the current Gmail notification icon is displayed.I get the other displays such as: calls, SMS, Whats up,all Hanout not displayed, they are displayed in my NOT so.Can you please give me a tutorial on how I get these white icons or symbols as status displays for me on my black screen as they are set?

  13. ……Hanout alle leider nicht abgebildet, diese werden also bei mir NICHT angezeigt. Können Sie mir bitte ein Anleitung geben, wie ich auch diese Icons bzw weissen Symbole als Statusanzeigen bei mir auf meinem Schwarzen Bildschirm bekomme, wie werden diese eingestellt? Ich danke Ihnen für Ihre Hilfe. Dear Peter, Danke für Deine Hilfe

  14. Besonders den schwarzen Standardbidlschirm und dem Nova Launcher mit dem schwarzen Bildschirm bzw der App Missed!IT, minnmalUi Con Pack,MinimalUi icon Packs habe ich alle wie in ihrer Anleitung installiert .jetzt habe ich aber bei mir auf Find 5 mit der ein Problem mit der Appt! So habe ich genau nach Ihren Vorschlag versucht, die Oberflächen Symbole wie bei Ihnen auf dem schwarzen Bildschirm einzustellen versuchte Symbole wie: Anrufe, callsms,gmail Benachrtichtigungen, Alle Aps wie Whats Up,

  15. I think some launchers have a "force" option which solves this. But yea… Just install a better rom haha. I run Paranoid Android 3.60 on my Find5. It's awesome =)

  16. Hello, I have followed your instruction and tips for the Find 5 very interesting and the black screen with the power-saving effect on the nova launcher with me with the app wp clock2 I have a problem with the app missed! It, I try your proposal with the icons, calls, sms, gmail set up. However, I do not get this back. Can you give me your app missed! Call it setting?, I thank you for your help. mfg Peter

  17. In regards to the 'photos app' on the Oppo Find 5 you can get other options, such as whatsapp images and downloaded images. Whilst in the photos app, hit the menu button the select visible folders. Then tick the ones you want to show.

  18. Great video, thanks for this, I just got one and enjoy it. I wanted to ask you if when you restart your phone does it sometimes revert to the default launcher? It does on mine even if I have Nova Launcher set as default. Cheers!