Toni Sacconaghi: IPhone X Price Could Be Dissuading Upgraders | CNBC

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Toni Sacconaghi, Bernstein senior analyst, discusses the rumored iPhone X supply issues ahead of the November 3rd launch date and whether consumers will go for the high price point.
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Toni Sacconaghi: IPhone X Price Could Be Dissuading Upgraders | CNBC


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  1. I've just upgraded to the iPhone 7+ 4 months ago. I won't have to upgrade for at least another year of so. By then the X will be well in stock and all the latest updates will be available. I can wait.

  2. I am going to buy the iPhone X. Everybody on the net and on the media keeps slagging Apple and yet they all covet the newest iPhone. Those who's battery doesn't last more than 3 hours are using their phones more than they used to. They just don't know it.

  3. The Pixel 2 XL base model is $899 US and is nowhere as fast or powerful as the iPhone 8 or the iPhone X. Its camera can't compare and there is not much of a support system for it and is a magnet for malware, spyware and scams.

  4. Birthday November 2nd getting rid of my 5c for an iphone X why not i like to hear the % of how many people are actually getting it makes me feel good that im 100% going to get one

  5. I wish people were more self educated when it comes to technology… If you are running a iPhone that's 3-4 years old updating it with the new software of course it's going to struggle handling all those task… That's why android sometimes don't release updates for certain phones pass 2-3 years or phones that don't have the ram to handle it… Apple started optimizing iPhones with iOS9 because of backlash of iOS 7 and 8. Now if your phone doesn't have 64bit chips in it it's not gonna work as good anymore because Apple stopped all apps using 32 bit on the app store… When you update apple says in the disclaimer that you might experience failure so you can't sue them… Simply don't update and if you do update make sure you're only doing the next ios update.. For example if you have an iPhone 6s after ios 10 you should stop updating since ios 9 was made for it

  6. The battery of my 3 year old iPhone 6 decided to basically quit after the summer. Could jump from 80% to shutting down and saying it was only 10% left and then back up to 80% after I connected the charging cable. It had nothing to do with iOS 11, but bad cells in the battery. I changed the battery and it is back performing as usual with the upgraded OS. I have ordered the iPhone X though so the 6 will be kept as a backup.