Top 10 Android Tips and Tricks | 2016

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Here are ten of my favourite tips and tricks that let you use your android phone in the way YOU want to!

1 00:23 Take control of your phone’s data usage.
2 01:10 Unlock your phone’s developer settings
3 01:34 Speed up your phone’s animations.
4 01:57 Remove malicious apps with Safe Mode.
5 02:28 Run widgets in your notification bar with Snap Swipe Draw:
6 03:14 Save webpages to your homescreen like an html5 web app.
7 03:43 Enable and utilise smart lock settings.
8 04:54 Use Google Maps offline in a pinch.
9 05:32 Identify RAM hogging apps.
10 05:54 Encrypt your data for extra security!

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  1. For anyone wondering, the "Build Number" for the LG G Stylo is in "About phone", "Software info", then the "Build number" will be there.
    Where is Smart Lock? Is it in settings somewhere or are you referring to the app by the same name?
    (There are actually a few different apps by that name.)
    Btw, very useful video, thanks!