Top 10 Best 3d Android Games 2013

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The 10 (actually 13) Best Android games of 2013. The highest quality 3d graphics, storylines, and gameplay in action, rpg, adventure, and strategy games for Android (also on iOS) devices such as Nexus 7, Galaxy S3, and Asus transformer tablet and other Tegra 3 devices for hardcore gamers.

Not from best to worst:
1. Bladeslinger
2. Avabel Online
3. Aralon: Sword and Shadow
4. Ravensword: Shadowlands
5. Rivals At War
6. Real Boxing
7. Brotherhood of Violence:
8. Spirited Soul
9. Arcane Legends
10. Enchant U
11. GTA Vice City
12. Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour
13. Chaos Rings II

Also Heroes of Order & Chaos (forgot to put that in video)


Outro game is Guilty Dragon (Japanese).

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  1. Avabel is NOT just a MMORPG its a MMOTowerRPG… u go from one end to the other as it gets harder n harder like Tower games such as the Persona series except in Persona u actually climb a tower best way I can discribe Avabel is …Monster Hunter crossed with Persona with state of the art grafx

  2. Aralon was horrible IMO the UI was tiny made it hard to see, read n control. N grafx were not good at all… but their other game the newer one ShadowBlade? Can't remember the name is pretty good like ES oblivion, not so much skyrim tho but pretty damn close

  3. wow srslyhow come RAW(rivals at war) is in this vid?!
    i mean its a super stupid game cuz u just watch ur soldiers shoot and kill or die
    u dont control em!!! the rest are cool