Top 10 Best Android Games – Galaxy S7 (High Graphic)

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Here are some amazing games with great graphics for you to play in your android device. All games are played in galaxy s7 which has powerful processor able to handle all of these games.

Game List:
0:29 1) Fahrenheit ————
2:27 2) Osiri Battlefield —–
3:14 3) Winward —————
4:28 4) Hereos Reborn: Enigma –
6:00 5) Exile Zero ————
7:26 6) In fear I trust ——-
8:22 7) Aralon: Forge and Flame –
9:32 8) Killing Floor: Calamity –
10:30 9) Syberia 2 ————–
11:39 10) Chaos RIngs III ——-

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  1. ur games r awesome ur the the i liked ur vid and my family and friends also keel it up best of luck for the next video ☺☺☺☺☺?????good job man

  2. They are all looking laggy because the games are still not optimized for vulkan api so they are not going to run smooth because they are still not optimized for the s7 edge and the s7.

  3. this list sucks man.. you are really missing the high graphics games.. assassin's creed identity, assassin's creed pirates, csr 2, the GTA's and some others I can't recall rn

  4. lmao I bought my Samsung s7 edge 128gb internal memory ' octocomm from China went to Hong Kong to get it rooted with Google interface, best part is it's using the New SnapDragon much better than the western version processors and software