Top 10 Best Android Games of 2017 So Far

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The best Android mobile games releases this year. These are the highest-rated titles available on the Google Play Store for your Android smartphones and tablets. Get these games by clicking the links below:
* Bubble Witch 3 Saga
* CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars
* Causality
* Crash of Cars
* Cube Escape: The Cave
* Guns of Boom
* Invert – A Minimal Puzzle Game
* Mushroom 11
* Postknight
* Race for the Galaxy

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  1. Can somebody please help me.I cant remember the name of the game. In game there is boy with yellow hair and blue eyes,you got to build items and let the ball fall in basket. Anyone?

  2. Playing yugioh duel links, it's an alright game, kinda pay to win, unless you have a lot of patience, but still easily playable free to play. Although personally would have liked the game better if it was a standard format over a "speed duel" format. Hopefully they will add the option to play standard in the future, but probably not.

    Worst thing about yugioh aside from the paytowin aspect is the constant spam of bots trying to scam you into doing online surveys for "free gems". Making chatting with other players very very hard since there is no private message functionality.

  3. Oh, another thing: Whatoplay, could you recommend me an Android game(s) (pref, free to play) where you have to invest time and effort to collect items/cards, example: yugioh duel links, clash royale, star wars etc.
    Game has to have PVP, i will lose all interest quickly if it doesnt. It can't be a MOBA, either lags too much or cannot be played on my samsung S4.

    Hefty question, i know, but i would apreciate it a lot if you can hook me up with something.

  4. There are millions of games in playstore.. How you are saying these are the top games.. Can you pls say how you are ranking these games… Are you using any methods to calculate….

    Crash of Cars – You Just Run Into Eachother With PowerUps
    Guns of Boom – A Lame Ass Shooting Game
    Invert – Terrible Time Consumer, Too Simple
    Race For The Galaxy – A Card Game In VR Is A Game I'm Avoiding
    Bubble Witch – These Lame Ass Games Are WAY TOO COMMON
    Post Knight – Regular, Basic RPG..
    Mushroom – I Hate Mushrooms 🙂
    Cats – It Has Gameplay Issues
    Cube Escape – The Graphix..
    YuGiOh – Why?
    Star Wars: Force Arena – I Don't Know..
    FZ9 – Lame Ass Shooting Game
    A Normal Lost Phone – The DUMBEST Concept Ever..
    After The End – I Don't Know Alot About This
    SPACEPLAN – Unique? Yeah. I GUESS.
    Swordart Online – … Why?
    Mouse Bot – Unknown
    Chuck Norris – Unknown
    Causality – Ehh..