Top 10 Best iPhone Tips & Tricks You’ve Never Used – iOS 10

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Top 10 best iPhone 7 tips & tricks you’ve never used (iOS 10). These are pro tips, tricks and hidden features for advanced users that will help you get the most out of your iPhone 6S, 7, 7S. Did you know all of these tips and tricks?

Top 10 Best iPhone Tips & Tricks You’ve Never Used:
1. Guided Access
2. Force Touch with Keyboard
3. Japanese Text Emoji
4. Reduce Motion
5. Force Touch with Messages
6. Widgets
7. Save Fingerprint X2
8. Clear All Notifications
9. Prioritizing Downloads
10. Photo Markup

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  3. iTunes 12.7 is just horrible. It now takes hours to days to updates iPhone Apps over wi-fi .. instead of minutes over the internet and iTunes. Also iPhone management is impossible now so much so I trashed the deeply baked in iTunes and down graded to 12.6 dmg so far is still available from Apple for download. My next purchase is a PC/Android as it is so much CHEAPER to own crap that is a headache to operate.

  4. WOW!! Thank you. Learned so many new tips! Guided Access, Close all tabs, scan same finger, Calculator! You just earned another subscription! Keep it up!