Top 10 Best Soccer – Football Android Games 2015 HD

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Top 10 Best Soccer – Football Android Games 2015 HD
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Top 10 Best Soccer – Football Android Games 2015 HD

Football or soccer, is the most famous game in the world, and it has strong followers. Even in the countries that is not having major Football team, the game is so Popular. Football is the living and breathing for many Die-hard fans when Game kick-starts. With the rise of Smartphones, now you can play the Stunning Football Games in your Android Phone. If you have free time and want to have fun, launch any of the following top soccer Android Games in your Phone or Tablet.

Here’s our pick of the top 10 Free soccer/football Games and apps currently available for Android from the Google Play Store.

10- Disney Bola Soccer

9 – Stickman Soccer 2014

8 – Real Football 2013

7 – Soccer Stars

6 – Be a Legend

5 – Top Eleven 2015

4 – First Touch Soccer 2015

3 – PES Club Manager

2 – Dream League Soccer

1 – FIFA 15

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  1. which one is offline ? i wanna play outside ? why i should play in my phone while i am home and having a fucking ps4 cause of that which footballe game are offline thanks ?

  2. So I'm looking for a soccer game I used to play before

    It's a 2D story driven soccer game where you take control a team of 4-5 (including the goalkeeper) and it also features power-ups

    It also features many cities where there are facilities where you can train and recruit new stars

    Finally it also has different championships in all the different cities and the tutorial start is taking place up in the clouds before going down to your team

    Idk if it is removed from the play store but if anyone knows the game plz tell me I can't find it anywhere on the internet