Top 10 Games Not Available at Play Store | Top 10 Banned Games 2018

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Hello Friends these are Another Top 10 Banned Games for Android and IOS

These Games are not allow to play so play it on your own risk, these Games are not Available at Play Store and also not available at IOS Store

These are the Games List-
Android Banned –
Dirty Jack Celebrity Party
Whack the thief
Whack the burglar
Rockin it
Miss Fortune’s booty trap XXX
Crash landing
Strip Club
Fap ninja

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  1. What is going on in this world lol Banning a few nipples, but allowing games about mass murder -_- There is NOTHING violent about nipples!!!

  2. There is a lot of other games that are more violent and more explicit than these games so why not do the world a favour and instead of banning games put an age restriction on all these games and stop banning them.

  3. I am not having some government assholes telling me what I can and cannot play just because their marriages are failing. It is ridiculous that these games are banned so like I said before unban these games and put an age restriction on them all.