Top 10 HD Android Games 2016 (High Graphics)

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Top 10 HD Android Games 2016 (High Graphics)

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Games List:
1.(0:00)Godfire: Rise of Prometheus:

2.(1:19)Implosion – Never Lose Hope:

3.(1:50)Horn™ (Paid):

4.(2:58)Contract Killer: Sniper:

5.(3:26)SBK14 Official Mobile Game:

6.(4:28)Overkill 3:

7.(5:05)Frontline Commando: WW2:


9.(6:21)Fast & Furious: Legacy:

10.(6:52)EPOCH.2 (Paid):

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Top 10 HD Android Games 2016 (High Graphics)

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  1. so many good looking games,
    I have Contract Killer and EPOCH (the first one)

    I hope most of them come with controller support.
    I just bought a Steel Series Nimbus.