Top 10 HD MOBA Android Games (High Graphics)

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This is my Top 10 Survival Games for Android!


This is my Fully subiective list of TOP 10 BEST ANDROID GAMES with console quality graphics in fullhd (1080p) and 60fps!

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Links to 10 MOBA Android Games (download link):
#10 (0:08) Eternal Arena (FREE) [44M]
#9 (0:52) Legendary Heroes (FREE) [52M]
#8 (1:29) League of Masters (FREE) [45M]
#7 (2:09) Ace of Arenas (FREE) [57M]
#6 (2:43) Plants War 2 (FREE) [98M]
#5 (3:20) Heroes of SoulCraft – MOBA (FREE) [105M]
#4 (4:00) Soul of Legends (FREE) [65M]
#3 (4:21) Call of Champions (FREE) [75M]
#2 (5:22) Heroes of Order & Chaos (FREE) [16M+DATA]
#1 (6:04) Vainglory (FREE) [654M]

Links to Games (BONUS GAMES):
10) – NHL 2K
9) – GTA: San Andreas
8) – Real Racing 3
7) – Fifa 15 UT
6) – Dead Trigger 2
5) – Anomaly 2
4) – Call of Duty: Strike Team
3) – Badland
2) – Asphalt 8
1) – Modern Combat 5
BONUS – – Galaxy On Fire 2


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  1. Cermy … wczoraj miał być odcinek top gry z otwartym światem czekałem na niego cały dzień i dziś jezzcze a ty robisz top 10 gier moba jeszcze pisales w komnetarzu gry kooperacyjne

  2. Guys Pick destiny of thrones good games good heroes but with a summoners rift map an exact copy of the map like this if this helpful 🙂

  3. another tard vainglory fan… boring VG shitty Map 3vs3, no micro,ml IS the best, 10millions download, vainglory less 5 millions, hahaha cry me a river!!!!! and people saying ml laggs, well,, i played dota when it appears in Warcraft 3, and dota was lagging too, IS only Time question for get better performance for ml, and u know what? vainglory lagg too so Fuck off, dota 2 can lagg too today even with good computer and conection , and e-sport vainglory IS only a little part of Asia so? ml more 10m downloads ,cry me a river