Top 10 Hidden Android Features & Tips

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Learn the best secret Android Tips & Tricks not enabled by default!
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Android is the most popular smartphone operating system, but most people are not aware of all the features it is capable of. This video shows you 10 of the coolest features, tips, and tricks in Android that you probably didn’t know about. Everything from Android’s secret menus, to little-known settings deep within the phone. Even if you have an iPhone, you still might find this useful to get an idea of what Android is capable of.

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  1. You seem to be a smart guy. And I would love to watch this video and get some tips from you. But I don't know if I can trust the information that you present. You have done so many videos that appeared to be based in some fact that you demonstrated,. But to later find that you took your time and intellect to spoof your viewers. I thought that I had unsubscribed from your page but I guess I haven't. I would now but I think that I would like to send you some additional mean comments. This is because I felt that I was made a fool of and I shared your page with others. Then to find out that you felt so smart that you were having yourself a personal joke on your viewers. ThioJoe, you suck. However I will let this go if you apologize to me. Then apologize to your other viewers and let us know that you have given up on the satire and is now putting out respectable trustworthy information in your videos. Remember, I have not yet unsubscribed.

  2. Thank you Theo you're pretty cool dude but here's my problem I have two step authentication through Google but I can't add another phone number because it says that the phone numbers in use

  3. And I found out something to you you don't have to enter a password to get into your account anymore I turn mine off so I have to enter a password or a pin code each time I leave an app is there any way to stop that

  4. 1 second into the video I have to stop you. Okay, so here's what's up: my cat recently died, thanks for asking. Now you reminded me of her passing. Thanks a lot, jerk.

  5. I have a note8 with 7.1.1, it won't do anything when i press the gear to enable ui tuner, the gear icon won't even turn…. but the phone already has battery percentage showing and it already lets me block notifications so… wtf? why can't I enable the ui tuner tho?