Top 10 Hidden Features and Tips: Samsung Gear S3 Classic & Frontier:

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It’s been a few weeks now with the Gear S3 classic and frontier. I wanted to share some tips that I have used to get the best use from the Samsung Gear S3 Frontier and Classic

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0:49 How to reset frozen watch
1:17 Navigation tips
1:35 How to improve watch responsiveness
1:50 How to configure double tap home button
3:33 How to lauch apps fast no hands requiered
4:36 Schedulded Do not disturb
6:13 How to use gear s3 with gloves
6:59 How to turn off health reminders to save battery life

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  1. for the next Samsung watches I'd love to see an updated gear s with Samsung pay , battery like the s3, little better speaker and maybe a litlte more premium feel.

    that would be great along with a round watch for when you don't want a watch that looks like it's out of a sci Fi movie …the 2 inch screen of the gear is just amazing though

  2. Just wondering if anyone else is slightly disappointed with the range of bluetooth when connected to the phone, mine disconnects when I'm about 5 metres away.

  3. I had the zenwatch 1, with android wear, and I loved it. Now I have the Gear S3 and it seems that it has lost a lot of the functions. only 2 matter to me.

    1. Navigation. with wear all i had to do was say "Navigate home" or Tell it to to navigate to any local business and it would use google maps to take to were i need to go. Tizen, on the other hand, I have to tell the watch the full address.

    2. Making and answering call. with Android were I can tell it to make a call and it would call the contact with easy transfer back to phone or automatically with my car bluetooth. With the gear s3, if i make or answer calls on it, i can switch to the phone with ease, however it will not work with my car bluetooth system at all.

  4. sorry if this is not the right forum, but that was a great video. Is there a sleep monitoring function for use when i wear the watch to bed at night? and, the only real downfall I have found so far is the inaccuracy of the heart rate monitor when running. Is there any cheat strap compatible with the s3 frontier that will improve that performance?

  5. Great video! and BTW… I've noticed that on several of these tips and tricks videos for the Gear S3, people don't like the S Voice and change the double tap shortcut to Recent Apps… Very useful and informative video as well.

  6. Hey, Thank You for posting this video. It was really helpful. However, I still get those annoying vibrations and there are no notifications that come on (more or less random vib. notifications). I was wondering what I can do to keep the vibrations to a minimum. I have turned off the "S Health" notifications. I would like to get the watch to only notify me if I have a text or get an incoming call, and may to use the timer. I was wondering if there are any other settings available to tinker with.

  7. I'm a little late just got this awesome watch. but when I go into s health to turn it off like you recommended and I turn the wheel it doesn't go to last screen just stays on the main health screen?? what gives?

  8. Where did you find that color ? I cant stand black and white. I am female . These are huge. I know that what she said. ha ha

  9. EBPMAN Tech- Did you figure out, how do you turn off the Outdoor Mode, cause its always on, and I wanna keep it at the same brightness as my setting of my watch, it gets brighter outside, but I wanna disable it so that it doesnt keep changing. I didnt find the mode for it. Any ideas?

  10. I already have the Do not Disturb feature scheduled on my phone and just wondered if that schedule will also put my connected watch to Do Not Disturb during the same hours as my phone.