Top 10 Hidden iPhone Tricks & Tips You Didn’t Know

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The iPhone has lots of clever features that can be exploited with tips and tricks. Take advantage of these neat and pretty fun little iphone tricks by watching this amazing lifehack video!
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  1. I know a iPhone trick. if your a iPhone use get a pot – fill with water – put it on the stove – turn stove on – wait for water to boil drop phone in – leave the phone in until water is gone

  2. my voice won't work when I make a call, but I can hear the person that I'm calling or calling me. is there a setting that I accidentally pressed? please help. note that I can record sounds in videos, but phone calls don't work

  3. Merry Christmas. I'm so silly it's not even funny because it is not even near Christmas ?????

    I just did this so I could use the double tap on the space bar

  4. Lmao why am i watching this i have a samsung

    Im watching this cause i have no life

    Wake me up wake me up inside wake me up inside save me save me from the dark wake me up fill my blood to run cant wake up before i come undone save me save me from the nothing ive become

  5. Hey siri what is 0÷0

    Just say u have 0 cookies and 0 friends u cant devide the cookies because cookie monster is sad because there is no cookies and u are sad becuse you have no friends

  6. Also another storage trick for 8GB and 16GB users, instead of deleting apps and reinstalling them again to clear their cache, head to the iTunes Store and go find a movie that you can rent. Make sure the size of the movie is larger than your available storage and that you don't have a credit card information entered in your iPhone for this trick to work. What you're going to do is click on rent and wait for a pop-up that says 'Cannot Download' and repeat this process until you can't get your storage any higher.

  7. I more handy tip, to get the most out of your iPhone, please totally smash the shit out of your phone to maximise its half decent usefulness