Top 10 new MIUI v7/6/5 tips and tricks – Xiaomi Mi5 ,mi4i, redmi 2, mi3, mi4, redmi 1s!

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New featues, tips and tricks for xiaomi devices like Xiaomi Mi5, redmi 2, mi3, mi4, redmi 1s running on miui v6 or 5!
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Upgrade your xiaomi device to MIUI v6 video tutorial-

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  1. In order to project your device on PC-
    download the mi pc suite and update it by clicking the small button on bottom left! after updating connect ur phone to pc using usb and press the middle button under under the phone on pc suite! if u experience any lag, wait for future updates!

  2. +Android4life – Android Games And Apps Reviews 
    sir, as you suggested us to search at xda or miui for dual boot option, i just searched but found nothing for redmi 1s?
    does redmi 1s capable of dual boot or not ? at least tell me ?
    i've also created a new thread at xda about it but no one responding 🙁

  3. You are doing a gr8 job. Subscribed !!
    Now please provide the link for downloading the english version of Xiaomi PC suite. I am MI4 user and would like to try out the tricks you showed. 

    I also would like to know if that software will help me transfer the contents of my iphone4s to Mi4. Sony PC suite does that, but I am not sure of such a thing in Xiaomi. Please respond. Thanks !

  4. can u just say 1 more time wht is the featues of nom 5…  i still don undstd …
    nom 9 featues my mi3 cant do it ….
    urs is mi3 china set o malaysia set ???

  5. 1. I'm not able to use flash using home button during my phone lock/sleep.

    2. How to enable transparency on notification bar ?

    3. Did the new update wipe the features off or it's just some bugs ?

    I'm using redmi 2, MIUI 6.4.4 stable

  6. Hi bro woahh Miui6 sure looks awesome..i have an Mi3 and been using em for 6 months i did update em 22.0 version which eversince the update it kimdda consume my internal storage what should i do…would it consume more if i wnt to update?

  7. Hey,please help me with this problem.I want separate wallpaper for lock screen and call screen wallpaper on my redmi 1s with miui