Top 10 OFFLINE HD ROCKSTAR Games For Android 2017

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In this video we are going to take a look at top 10 offline rockstar android games 2017. This list includes rockstar games for android, android rockstar games, offline android games, open world rockstar games for android,offline hd android games. Let us know about your favorite offline rockstar games for android in the comment section below.

Games List :-

Max Payne –
Bully : Anniversary Edition –
GTA Chinatown Wars –
GTA Vice City –
GTA Liberty City Stories –
GTA San Andreas –
GTA 3 –

Need PSP Emulator For to play this games here is the link to download emulator :-

Games CSO files
Midnight Club 3 –
ManHunt 2 –

GTA IV is coming to android on 2018 as a 10yr Anniversary because Rockstar has released every game on mobile as 10th year Anniversary.
GTA 4 – COMING IN 2018


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  1. Anybody asking for gta 4 go fivl yourself. It is not comimg for android ok just stfu. It is impossible on phones. Stop asking for it. Go play it on fkin pc.
    GTA 4 will never ever be on phone.