Top 10 OPEN WORLD GAMES by Gameloft for Android [GameZone]

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We all enjoy the casual fun of Games, but our iOS & Android devices are advanced enough now that full console-level games are possible. Whatever your take on Gameloft is, those are the games they’re trying to make. Though they do also release originally licensed titles (Spiderman Unlimited, Gangstar New Orleans…), we’re going to focus on the ‘copycats’ – the console clones.

Game List:-

10.The Amazing Spider-Man

9.Backstab HD

8.Gangstar Vegas

7.Iron Blade: Medieval RPG

6.The Dark Knight Rises

5.Gangstar New Orleans OpenWorld


3.Little Big City 2

2.Order & Chaos 2

1.The Amazing Spider-man 2



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  1. For the confused ones, im sure batman arkham knight its not a Gameloft game but there is a game of batman made by gameloft and its open world (Sorry about my english)