Top 10 Reasons Android is Better Than iOS – Gear Up^

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Top 10 Reasons Android is Better Than iOS – Gear Up^
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With all of Apple’s high profile announcements about their many different iPhones, it can be easy to forget that Android is actually the better operating system. Allowing for more customization, more apps, and removable storage, there’s no doubting that Android has got Apple’s OS beat. WatchMojo teams up with tech-spert Marc Saltzman to list you 10 ways that Android is better than iOS.

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#10. Customization
#9. Google Assistant
#8. More apps
#7. You can download where you want.
#6. Reason why Android is better than iOS? No iTunes.
#5. Multitasking
#4. Removable storage
#3,#2, & #1???

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  1. U can download apps not on the app store on apple devices. U need to install the profile tweakbox then u can download any app on the app store AND u can get paid apps for free.

  2. And yet apple will always be more successful. Because android and all other brands are terrible at advertising. Apple could buy Samsung and still be a billionaire company.

  3. so i have a samsung phone and i have an ipad, and i must say i am on both sides because iphones have got boring over the years, meanwhile most of samsung's tablets are very cheap feeling. i am a huge fan of the new galaxy phones, but- IS THERE ANY DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE IPHONE 6-8? i know the apple fanboys will be butthurt because there were small changes, but apple and samsung each have many features that make the other's device better. since the iphone x is $1000, it basically is no competition. it is more expensive than many gaming pcs that have 10x the power, but the androids are different most of the time after the s5. after the gs5 all the phones had variety.