Top 10 Reasons Why iOS Is BETTER Than Android in 2019

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Do you prefer iOS over Android? or vice versa?

Well in this video I show you the Top 10 reasons why Apple iOS is better than Android in 2019. Keep in mind that Android also has its features and advantages over iOS as well, but in this video I am just covering the reasons why you may prefer iOS vs Android. We cover several Android manufacturers like Samsung, LG, Motorola & more against the iOS exclusive Apple iPhone devices.

Operating system tested in this video: iOS 13 vs Android 10

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  1. People are funny. Talking like they're SO BUSY that its an inconvience to have to wait .05 seconds longer for an app to load, or to have to use your finger to scroll twice instead of once. 😂

  2. I have been using with Apple for 3years now and I have to be really honest about this video.
    His facts are false and bias opinions. The first chance I get I’m going back to android there’s no freedom and with Apple the storage is a huge problem iPhones I’ve had my latest phone since April and it’s saying I have no storage space when I don’t even have anything on there. Apple Devices crash after a year or 2 use don’t tell that lie

  3. 1. Android has nearby share which is basically Airdrop
    2. Sure it's "secure" but it's only "secure" because Apple limits you to the app store not because it's better than Android (evidence, malware on jailbroken iPhones)
    3. Apple has bloatware, it's just Apple bloatware instead of Android bloatware
    4. True, but just buy a Pixel or OnePlus phone to get similar support
    5. Isn't this the same as 3?
    6. Yes buts it's limited, you cant install ANY app on Android even if it's not in the Play Store. Because of this on iOS you cant install emulators, certain games (Fortnite), or anything else Apple deems "bad"
    7. If you can't figure out Android you shouldn't be using a smartphone
    8. I agree SMS needs to die and Apple is part of the reason it's not dying, they won't drop it until carriers force them too because they don't want RCS to make iMessage seem less useful
    9. Can't argue this
    10. It's not that hard to get support on Android, most of the time you just get service from your carrier if you purchased the phone from them (otherwise contact the manufacturer)

  4. I always hated android and I always use apple. I used to be an android user but the experiences are TERRIBLE. Apple is more secure from what I have seen. On my samsung, there used to be nasty pop ups although I did not even download anything or visit malicious sites. Once I changed my phone to an iOS everything stopped and there was so much more security. Android camera quality is also quite bad. My friend has the latest huawei but the camera quality is nothing great comapared to apple. I also noticed taht Android ALWAYS COPIES APPLE! so frustrating….and in my opinion, I feel like Iphones look more elegant than android phones…anyways there are good qualities in both android and apple but i find apple better though the price can be high

  5. As a past android user I switched to iOS just because it has a faster processor a better camera and is better overall, even though it costs a lot it's kind of worth the price, if you don't want to pay a lot of money you can just buy a second hand one which I did for only 201$.