Top 10 Vivo V11 Pro Hidden Tips & Tricks Users Must Know | GT Hindi

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So here are some cool and hidden tips and tricks every Vivo V11 Pro user must know about. You don’t only get the iPhone X like the design on Vivo V11 Pro, but iPhone X like features also like navigation gesture, lift to raise, under the display fingerprint selection and so on.

So if you are a Vivo V11 Pro users, you must watch this one.

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  1. Bhai mene abhi hafte bar pehele v11 pro liya hu or mere phone pe 2 fault lagaa mujhe
    1. Speaker phone me koi koi song me sound kam jadaa kam jadaa hota h
    2. Hd Videos me faces ya dusri chizz thodaa fataa fataa blur type dikhta h clear nhi rehta jessa baki super amoled phones me rehta h
    Ye dono Fault normal h ya sirf mere me hi h
    Plz help me bro