Top 11 iOS 11 Features – What’s New Review

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Top 11 iOS 11 Features! BEST Changes & Hidden Features. New Look, Animations, Lock Screen, Control Center, Messages Review.

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  1. Can somebody tell me if you have iOS 11, if ur phone Is off(not power off but it’s off) if you stand it upright does it turn on by itself cuz my phone used to do that but in does not do it anymore (sorry for my bad English?)

  2. My God all the shit! Can you apple people without jailbreak? Clear cache, disable, and for stop so you don't see all this bloat wear? And that new screen he added everything to. Sorry I love sliding down on Android and turn on the flashlight with my thumb unlock, slide down hit flashing. Besides I'm curious, is the apps once opened then closed really closed? Or need a task manager.

    Ps I wouldn't put shit onto the cloud! I don't want anything personal on a server and not have control over the the server (type of computer with more memory) just like using a company's say xfinity home security and you have no idea how many people can be watching you on that. Pretty much like your phone camera and computer!

  3. Time line 9:08, To say something takes up two times less is storage mathematically and mentally impossible. Times always indicates more never less. If original storage used was 2GB then 2X would be 4GB not 1GB. Perhaps you meant to say the new CODEC takes up half as much storage as the original; that makes sense.