Top 25 Best Free Android Games

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Our ranking of the best free-to-play mobile games for your Android smartphones and tablets. These are the top-rated free games available on the Google PlayStore. Get these games by clicking the links below:

Alto’s Adventure
Big Bang Racing
Blades of Brim
Blendoku 2
Burrito Bison: Launcha Libre
Bushido Bear
Clash of Clans
Clash Royale
Cut the Rope: Magic
Dan The Man
Flipping Legend
Kingdom Rush
Lost in Harmony
My Singing Monsters
Plants vs Zombies 2: It’s About Time
Super Cat Bros
Tap Titans 2

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  1. I think Vainglory deserves to be in the list. And i guess it's time to put in some new entries to the list it feels like the android game list has always been the same

  2. "Yeah, Monument Valley? It has a Playscore of 8.64

    The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt? It has a Playscore of 8.64

    The Last of Us? It has a Playscore of 8.64

    Alien: Colonial Marines? It has a Playscore of 8.64"

  3. Look what a game I found on Google Play today!
    It's called "Airplane Hero" and is a very cool arcade game 🙂
    It´s brand new and makes so much fun. My highscore is currently 54023. I think that´s pretty good already

  4. this video is a joke.

    Best Android games

    Prince of Pérsia classic
    Prince of Pérsia Sword and Flame
    Knock knock
    The bards tale
    Real racing 3
    The king of fighters
    Chaos rings 2
    All final fantasy games
    All telltale games
    Max Payne
    Gta 3
    Gta San Andreas
    Gta vice city
    Assassina creed pirates
    LEGO Batman (the two games)
    LEGO star wars
    LEGO lord of the rings
    LEGO jurassick world
    LEGO Ninjago
    LEGO Harry Potter Yeats 5-7
    Into the dead
    Star Wars Kotor
    Fahrenheit índigo Profhecy
    Brothers tale of two sons
    Samurai vengeance
    Decay: the mare (all EPisodes)
    The room 1,2 and 3
    Fran Bow
    Broken sword 1,2 and 5
    The Sorcerry 1,2 and 3 (text game)
    Joe dever's lone Wolf
    This war of mine
    Baldurs Gate 1 and 2
    Valiant Hearts
    Sonic EP 1 and 2
    MR Robot from Telltale
    Tomb raider 1 and 2
    Lara croft RPG
    Lara croft GO
    Hitman GO
    Angry Bird Classic And Star Wars
    Dracula The last sanctuary Dracula Ressurection
    Her Story