Top 25 OFFLINE Games For iOS & Android #Underrated 3

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Overrated and underrated are terms that have been used way too much in recent years that they have lost all meaning and credibility. You might even say that they are overrated! It’s normal these days to open up any popular gaming website and see people commenting on how this game is overrated and this other game is underrated, and it’s one of the most annoying things about online criticism in general these days. Rather than the term underrated, I prefer looking at games that are perhaps overlooked. So, those that aren’t rated badly, as such; they just aren’t really rated at all, having been played by fewer players and as such exposed to less people. The reasons for a game being overlooked could be attributed to any number of reasons, but hopefully by shedding some light on such games we can get more people playing them. For this particular list we will be looking at games on the iOS & Android platform.


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