Top 35+ Nokia 6.1 Plus Best Features & Tips and Tricks

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In this video lets see 35 best features of nokia 6.1 plus and some very important tips and tricks like
1. Fast charging
2. Dual 4G VoLTE
3. Gestures
4. Camera, slow motion, time lapse, dual tone LED flash etc
5. Bothie, PIP, CDLA headphones etc
and more.

nokia 6.1 plus specs
64 GB Storage
Snapdragon 636 Processor
3060 mAh Battery
5.8″ Full HD+ Display

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  1. one more issue spotted in manage notifications – app and data restore paused, restore will continue when setup is done, this notifications can't be turned off.. how i solve it?

  2. Display—>status bar style….I don't have that status bar style option in my Nokia 6.1+…can u pls tell why….and the solution for this problem….